About Corogains Sports

Corogains Sports (Pty) Ltd is a family based business that was established in September 2015 by Colin, Gavin and Rob Scott. The business is registered in Hillcrest, Durban, with a warehouse and sales showroom at Unit 14, Thynk Industrial Park, Briardene, Durban. We do however operate throughout KwaZulu-Natal. Our slogan “Bringing Your Kit To You” encompasses the founding principles of our business. Besides direct sales from the warehouse and showroom, the business is also operated from a mobile store that carries quality brands at very competitive and affordable prices. The mobile store is taken by invitation to schools, clubs and private residences where the products can be viewed in the display cabinets and purchases made from the stock carried. Our business hours are flexible and the mobile store can be taken to any location within the greater Durban and Pietermaritzburg areas during and after normal business hours. Business further afield will be conducted between 08h00 and 17h00.

“Our business is targeted primarily at sportsmen and sportswomen at both school and club levels.”

14492444_1236439966416986_7651115628651863129_n Our business is targeted primarily at sportsmen and sportswomen at both school and club levels. We have identified a need in the market for schools and sports clubs to have sporting equipment readily available at the school and club premises. With regards to schools, most families these days have both parents working, or are single parent families, and getting to conventional retail stores during working hours, and even after school hours is often very difficult. On weekends, parent’s valuable time is best spent with their children and being able to both watch their children’s sport and have the facility to purchase sporting equipment is very convenient. Insofar as the clubs are concerned, the same applies to getting to conventional retail stores, and having equipment available to view and feel at practise sessions is very appealing and convenient. The purchasing of sporting equipment is very personal, with the end user wanting to see and feel what they are interested in. Whilst we will endeavour to carry stock for the major sporting codes throughout the year, the main focus will be to supply seasonal sporting equipment in line with South African sports seasons. The business carries top quality stock for the major school sporting codes of Cricket, Rugby, Football, Hockey and Netball. However, on request, Corogains will source and supply sporting goods for any other sports codes as the need arises.