CrazyCatch Upstart Double Trouble Rebound Net

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740mm(w) x 740mm(h)


  • One side designed for unpredictable small ball rebound like cricket, Hockey and Tennis
  • The other designed for unpredictable large ball rebound like Football, Basketball and Netball
  • New Freestyle features
  • Crazy Catch level 2 vision ball
  • Carry bag

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The Crazy Catch Upstart Double Trouble is a dual INSANE sided, portable rebound net for small and large ball athletics training.   Two different nets rebound either large or small balls in UNPREDICTABLE directions to help athletes improve reaction time in any ball sport.   With a rugged steel build and tough nylon nets, this little rebound net is perfect for individual or team training in any setting.   Double the INSANE action with :   Small ball rebound on one side; EG: Cricket, Hockey and Tennis   Large ball rebound on the other, EG: Football, Basketball and Netball.